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Solved! Quit Smoking

without the tough side of quitting

Kick the habit for good, using the psychology of the mind

to break that smoking habit. It's not that tough with this approach!

Let me tell you why...

You want to stop smoking, don't you


But you are thinking...

I've tried so many things

Patches, sprays, gum, tablets, drugs...

And it all didn't work

I'm back at it, smoking


It's become so frustrating because I really want to quit

I just don't believe that I can quit smoking anymore

It seems to always come back

It seems too hard


And trying something new,

Something so different, like hypnosis to quit smoking,

Well that sounds like a big risk at that cost

What if it doesn't work?


Well what about we take the risk out of it?

On top of that I'll tell you why those other things haven't worked.

And let's look at what does work.

Sound fair?


I'm ready to Quit

"Gave up straight away and have not smoked since. Feeling a lot better health wise.”

– John


Hang on a moment, haven't you heard of someone using hypnosis to quit smoking

And how it just worked, they quit straight away and never picked up another smoke.

Maybe you even know someone personally, like Simon.


Simon had unsuccessfully tried all the usual stuff.

Patches, gum, drugs, you name it.


Some appeared to work. For a while. Others didn't at all.

2 weeks, 4 weeks, even 3 months.

Then it was back to smoking.


It was so frustrating.

Simon wanted to, but he just couldn't see himself breaking that habit.


Now married, Simon was expecting his first child.

He did not want his child to be born into a smoking environment.

Neither did his smoke free wife.

You can just imagine what she thought about it.


Simon decided to give it one final attempt.

He had remembered one of his colleagues from years ago

Had tried this thing called hypnosis and he had just stopped

It's my last hope, Simon thought as he made an appointment

For a personal session.


Simon came to see me.

It kicked the habit in one go.

Simon left no chance for it to come back.

No! Simon was on top of it

And Simon stayed on top of it

Not just for 2 weeks, 4 weeks or even 3 months.

This is what Simon said after a year of enjoying his smoke free life:

"I've been doing great! Biggest thing I have noticed is all the extra energy I have

and how much more I enjoy my food and wine.

The biggest win for me is having a smoke free environment for my baby daughter."


Now 2 years on, Simon's daughter is growing up in that smoke free environment that means so much to Simon and his wife.


Can you imagine, how Simon is now feeling

On top of his life.

There is a good reason for all those other approaches to fail.

It's the outside in approach that is not doing it for you.


The secret to breaking the habit of smoking

 is to use an inside out solution!


By using this nicotine chocking mind jujitsu that taps into the power of the mind in a simple and effective psychological approach to kick it and stamp it out for good. You are the winner and won't let that habit stand up again.


It's time to put back into your Life

Your Health

Your Wealth

Your Relationships


It's dirty

It stinks

It's stealing days, weeks, months, from your life

What has this truly been costing you?

Here is your opportunity

I have so much confidence in the approach of hypnosis

That just like the 1000s of people who before you

used it to effectively quit smoking

You too can enjoy your smoke free life soon!


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I'm ready to Quit!

“This time I feel like I'm a non smoker and have not been smoking for years. Last time I quit I felt like a smoker that wasn't smoking. I feel so different this time."

– Sam

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  • “This time I feel like I'm a non smoker and have not been smoking for years. Last time I quit I felt like a smoker that wasn't smoking. I feel so different this time."

    – Sam

    “So far so good. No relapse into the smokes. Going strong still. (180 days)"

    – C Etherton

    “It's been 7 months now and I'm still not smoking. Going well."

    – Simon

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